In-Game Rules

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In-Game Rules

Post by Veela on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:04 pm

I'm Veela, and I'm here to tell you the rules so you don't get in trouble and have more fun.  

1. No extreme cursing. This game is PG-13. Be aware of younger players. Party chat is perfectly fine, though. If caught once, a warning, twice, a 24-hour suspension, three times and it's a ban.  

2. No sexual activity. Again, this game is PG-13. If you REALLY want to mate THAT badly, do it in an empty area using party chat. Caught once it's a 24-hour suspension, twice it's a ban.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING. This includes racism, flame wars, harassment, cyber-stalking, and much more. Please just be a nice person. It's not that hard. Caught once and it's a 72-hour suspension, twice it's a ban. Bullying will not be taken lightly, and if you can't find it in you to be a nice person, then don't play at all.

4. No spamming. It's very annoying. This includes advertising your roleplay every 5 seconds and typing in capital letters all the time. If caught once, it's a warning, twice it's a 24-hour suspension, three times and it's a ban.

5. No scamming/hacking. Scammers will be banned for 24-hours if caught, while hacking the game files to give yourself items/pets/etc., will be an automatic ban. Staff WILL find out.

If you ever feel threatened or violated, don't hesitate to take a screenshot and PM it to me or one of the mods. We're happy to help and will take action if the situation gets out of hand.

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